Sell, Invoice & Collect

Faster Than Ever Before  

Beanie, the Salesforce CRM app for commerce automation, empowers a digital commerce experience for any quote or subscription based businesses.

Now everyone can quote, contract, invoice and get paid digitally so customers are happier, finance teams are smarter and sales people more productive. 

All built on the world’s most intelligent customer success platform, Salesforce.


Digital Commerce Automation

Beanie helps any quote or subscription based business do digital commerce – sell, contract, bill and collect all in a digital automated workflow.  

Sell through quotes, online orders or subscriptions, create any kind of contract you want and secure a digital signature, get paid by credit cards or EFT and sync with the world’s best finance platforms.

Create, Sign & Secure Any Contract

Create and execute any contract (financial or non financial), send for digital signature, automate pdf send to both parties, relate the contract to Salesforce objects.

Quote, Subscriptions, Orders

Digital commerce is easy with Beanie. Create quotes, subscriptions or online order forms to automate the sales process for your organisation.

Connect Xero, Quickbooks & Gateways

Connect to Xero, Quickbooks to sync your invoices and invoice payments. Connect to payment gateways to automate subscription payments or integrate credit card payments on your invoices.

Accelerate Sales Productivity 

Enable your teams to quote accurately, all the time. Never wonder if that opportunity is accurate – the quote amounts automatically update the opportunity value. If you need management to approve quotes, you can apply workflow approvals to enable submission to the selected Salesforce Users for review.

Create quote templates and choose from your template library so you can send quotes to customers in seconds ready for a digital signature.


increase in sales productivity using quote automation^.

  • Digital Contracts Double Sales Productivity 100%
  • Paper Contracts Are 2x Slower & Higher Risk 50%

Digital contracts double sales productivity. ^

De-risk Your Contracts

Never wonder where that contract is, which deal it relates to or if the right terms were used. Beanie empowers legal teams to simplify contracts by providing only the right agreement terms to the right users or accounts.

Always know the right terms have gone to the right customers. 

Unlock Finance Productivity 

The average finance team will spend 29 hours a month on operational admin. 

Win this time back with quote to contract to invoice automation. Know that once the customer has signed off the quote all the contracts and invoice work is done and done right first time. 


Digital invoices cost finance teams 3x less to produce.^


Digital businesses outgrow their peers by 5x^

Turn On Scale

Beanie enables a digital workflow inside Salesforce from quote to cash so that you can enable more sales teams in a simple, systematic and scaleable way.

Now anyone can send an accurate quote to any customer any time.

With Beanie digital commerce you can focus on growing your business and ‘counting the beans’ while Beanie the App handles all that admin.  

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

See up-to-the-minute commerce data live in your Salesforce dashboards for invoices, invoice payments, subscriptions, quotes and contracts.

"Beanie has turned weeks of admin into valueable time to now grow the business."

– Lisa, Finance Manager

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